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A female model from Vancouver has succeeded in her fight to remove her nude selfies herself removed from the website thedirty.

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She had sent the private pictures to a boyfriend who posted them online after she had dumped him. Anisa Salmi said nothing could have prepare her for the moment she first found out that nude pics of her had been posted on TheDirty. Salmi had sent her partner of one-year a couple of nude pictures but about one month after their break-up she said he ed the images to TheDirty.

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On top of that, the recent UBC grad is looking for work as an occupational therapist and the comments attached to her picture put all that in jeopardy. Police informed Salmi that her ex had not committed any crime because she had willingly shared the photos with him.

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I shared those photos with this person privately and willingly, but I did not give him consent to share them with the world. I never told him he could do that. So she spent thousands of dollars hiring a firm to go after TheDirty and delete links to her name and image. In the end the photos were removed under the DMCA but the post still existed, that is until she paid the company to have it removed.

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Internet experts say the laws are not keeping up with technology, allowing tabloid websites to flourish. Posted in News.

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