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Montana was charted as one for most attractive men, and Rhode Island topped the charts for least attractive male residents.

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However, the were based solely on users of the dating app. So, what about all the rest of the sexy men in America? Our were compiled based on which states appeared most frequently on all surveys. As the home of the Mall of America, Minnesotan men are stylish studs that are polite in their own charming, Northwestern ways. Cold weather and frozen lakes mean an overpopulation of hockey-player bods and rugged, bearded men.

As a humble paradise with a lot to offer, there are just as many hot surfers as there are waves. This best-looking state is overflowing with sun-kissed men with sexy tattoos and carefree souls.

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Not far from the wealth of Potomac, these men care about both physical appearances and fulfilling careers. Its widespread museums and monuments make D. Its scorching temperatures are just as hot as the men that live here.

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Despite being one of the oldest cities in the USA, the atmosphere is still young and hungry. The wild, Miami nightlife proves that Floridian men know how to be the life of the party. A lively atmosphere means confident men that appreciate a well-deserved beer. Sexy california guy best-looking state is ridden with sexy mountain men that know how to keep up appearances while dealing with its insane weather. The powerhouse men of New York are a force to be reckoned with. The city that never sleeps is pulsing with the movers and shakers of finance and fashion.

From beach boys on the coastline to the metropolitan men of NorCal, this state is swarming with good-looking men. Although Hollywood is notorious for insanely gorgeous men, even the average Joe most likely has killer abs or a handsome jawline.

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Sexy california guy

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