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The Wham!

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The best friends were just years-old and wildly curious about sex and girls when they made the decision to visit London's notorious Soho, in the summer of Andrew Ridgeleywho affectionately calls George Michael 'Yog', remembers suggesting the duo needed a "hardcore" introduction to sex after their failed attempts to woo the schoolgirls in their year.

George and Me that their hormones were rampant in that summer. Try as I might, I seemed unable to find a girlfriend. Remembering their attempts at dating and the minefield of hormones at such a tender age, Andrew says that before their trip to Soho, the future Wham!

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The owner had collected a smorgasbord of top-shelf literature, including Club InternationalMayfair and Men Only and stored it in a tin box. And yet, while they were certainly a step up from the printedthe X-rated movies were also a bit disappointing.

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Yet despite their semi-successful forays into the world of sex Andrew was determined to shift things up a gear, writing in his book that it was his idea for him and George Michael to take a trip to London. The very notion was fantastic. Determined to see the real thing up close, the year-olds made the decision to go into the club, Andrew says. Seeing as we earned our money from paper rounds and car washing, we declined the invitation.

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Every customer has to buy a drink. One each, plus a glass of champagne for the hostess, which is me, all for twenty quid. Sorry for the confusion. His frame resembled a London telephone box. On balance it seemed a small price to pay.

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Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael went on to form Wham! Andrew Ridgeley's autobiography Wham!

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George and Me, charting the story of the pair's rise to fame and incredible behind-the-scenes insights into his time as part of the world-famous band, is available to buy now. Song Lists. The Story of Whitney Houston. Elton John.

Andrew Ridgeley recalls night teenage George Michael was thrown out of a Soho sex club 22 OctoberUpdated: 23 OctoberAndrew Ridgeley and George Michael, pictured here inwere teenagers in the summer of Picture: Getty.

Sex dating in Ridgeley

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