Nude women in Austria

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Venus of Willendorfalso called Woman of Willendorf or Nude WomanUpper Paleolithic female figurine found in at Willendorf, Austriathat is perhaps the most familiar of some 40 small portable human figures mostly female that had been found intact or nearly so by the early 21st century. Roughly 80 more exist as fragments or partial figures. The statuette—made of oolitic limestone tinted with red ochre pigment—is dated to circa 28,—25, bce.

Both its size portability and the material from which it was made not found in Willendorf are indicators that the artifact was made elsewhere and carried to Willendorf. Its arms, though visible, are negligible and crudely depicted. Though a head is present, the only detail to be seen is a pattern representing a braid or cap; there are no facial features. Feet too are missing and were probably never part of the overall de. It has been suggested that she is a fertility figure, a good-luck totema mother goddess symbol, or an aphrodisiac made by men for the appreciation of men.

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Nude woman (Venus of Willendorf)

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Paleolithic Periodancient cultural stage, or level, of human development, characterized by the use of rudimentary chipped stone tools. See also Stone Age. Fertilityability of an individual or couple to reproduce through normal sexual activity. About 90 percent of healthy, fertile women are able to conceive within one year if they have intercourse regularly without contraception. Normal fertility requires the production of enough healthy sperm by the male and viable eggs by…. Totemismsystem of belief in which humans are said to have kinship or a mystical relationship with a spirit-being, such as an animal or plant.

The entity, or totem, is thought to interact with a given kin group or an individual and to serve as their emblem or symbol.

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Nude woman (Venus of Willendorf)
Nude women in Austria

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