Nasty Kansas girls

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Whereas boys usually hide nothing and hit everything, girls pummel their rivals within an elaborate system of side glances, eye rolls and implication. Bruises heal but the scars of a well-orchestrated shun can last a lifetime. Though it has been retitled One False Movethe material is no less vicious. I may be doing it in spite of all my experience. Winans tracked down Simmons and asked if she would be interested in pursuing the project.

While the girls worked on interactive theater games, scenes and intense brainstorming sessions, Kander says she sat in the corner taking notes. Then she went away and wrote an opera. A new girl comes to the school and wants to be popular.

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It can happen in sixth grade, ninth grade, twelfth grade — it happens left and right, and someone gets Nasty Kansas girls out along the way. Simmons spoke with girls from ten high schools across the country, where she discovered this particular theater of cruelty.

Winans says the cast, composed of adolescent or preadolescent girls from across Kansas City, is bringing some skills to the piece that transcend all schools of method acting. The classic play about what happens when a group of women withhold sex from their husbands until their war ceases will be performed or given staged readings March 3 in more than cities worldwide. In Lawrence, University of Kansas junior Katie Wolff rounded up a group of friends to mount a staged reading at p. Kansas City was late in getting on board, but Diane Bulan has started organizing locals.

One staged reading, touted as an Actors for Actors production, features a cast of twelve and is slated for Unity Temple on the Plaza at 8 p. For information, call And though plans were just being finalized at press time, it appears that the Equity talent in town, including Kathleen Warfel, Melinda McCrary and Gary Neal Johnson, will do a reading as well at the Next Space East 18th Street at 8 p.

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Nasty Kansas girls

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