Mistress or lover

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It takes two people to have an affair. Despite this fact, there is a clear disparity in the way the public generally discusses extramarital relationships. Heterosexual men who have affairs are just heterosexual men who had affairs.


But, the women with whom they have those affairs quickly get labeled with another term, one for which there is no effective male equivalent in English: mistress. Lover can apply to all genders, as does the more stilted- or literary-sounding paramour. For these reasons, many see the word mistress as outdated, sexist, and moralizing. Stop Using It. The End. The word also implies that her behavior is immoral.

Last year, amid debate over the word, the Associated Press AP Stylebook advised journalists to use mistress only in circumstances in which an affair took place over a long period of time and involved financial support.

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Instead, use an alternative like companion or lover on first reference. Provide details later.

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The problem with mistressfor many, is its implications regardless of intent. Mistressthey argue, almost always labels a woman as an outsider, a seductressa threat. Mistress paints women as being solely responsible for the transgression of having an affair while also framing them as submissive to the wills of their male lover.

The word seems to allow men to retain power even in a situation in which they are also culpable.

Mistress Kills Her Lover's Wife to Escape

Warning: There is some strong language featured in this section. This type of job was typically reserved for single women, according to scholar Claudia Goldin, because unmarried women had more incentive to excel at work and performed better. Spinsters were initially admired for their independence, but in the s, they came under fire for not adhering to social expectations of marriage, transforming the word spinster into an insult.

Outside of the bedroom, the way we label women also depends on their proximity to men.

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Similarly, we refer to mothers who work as working momsbut working dad is far less common. Then, there are terms like stay-at-home dadwhich often praise men for being modern; compare that to stay-at-home momwhich is so often scornful.

When a man is unpleasant, he may be called tough, strong, no-nonsense, a straight-talker—never bossywhich almost always seems to target assertive women. Feedback Scary Story Contest! Word of the Day. Meanings Meanings. What does the word mistress imply about women, and why is it problematic? First, what is a mistress?

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Mistress or lover

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