Married women Rochester

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I Introduction I. The female role in the Victorian era I. The unconventional position of Mr Rochester II. The conflict between passion and duty II. The solution to the conflicts and the basis of a harmonious male-female relationship which are offered in the novel will be examined and subsequently evaluated.

Victorian times are mainly associated with a male-dominated, prudish society in which women had no rights. In spite of being a dependent and passive creature, a woman was also regarded as pure, innocent and good — and therefore as the model of morality for men.

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With these angelic attributes it was her duty to be an obedient and caring wife. The husband, who worked hard in a rough world, needed peace and comfort at home. Female occupation in the fields of art, literature, teaching and entertainment was at least tolerated.

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Through the voice of Jane Eyre, she criticises some aspects of this role. Women are supposed to be very calm generally, but women feel just as men feel; they need exercise for their faculties [ She strongly disapproved of the unequal distribution of rights in marriage.

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In her eyes independence and autonomy were preconditions to finding fulfilment in a relationship. Accordingly, female independence plays a pivotal role in Jane Eyre. A further aspect of criticism, which can also be found in Jane Eyreis the absence of love — as a marriage of convenience was no rarity in those days:. The protagonist finds perfect happiness in marriage:.

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I have now been married ten years. These two dimensions are personified by the two male protagonists Edward Rochester passion and St John Rivers dutywho will be discussed in more detail in the following sections. However, he is free of rigid social conventions, which enables him to see and admire Jane Eyre as an extraordinary woman. Although she comes from a lower class and lacks beauty, he loves her and wants to marry her. To complete his picture of being in a fairy-tale, he intends to heap her with jewellery and elaborate dresses. In the real world, however, a Mrs Rochester Bertha already exists.

Add to cart. Table of contents I Introduction I. But before I can embark on the study of concepts of love Married women Rochester marriage in Jane Eyreit is useful to have some background information about the author and her time, which will make it easier to understand the problems discussed in the novel. The female role in the Victorian era Victorian times are mainly associated with a male-dominated, prudish society in which women had no rights.

The protagonist finds perfect happiness in marriage: I have now been married ten years. Read the ebook. Perspectivising Love and Marriage in Narrative Ways of Worldmaking in Char Love and Marriage in "A Midsumme Restoration Comedies: Discussion of L The Realisation of Jane Eyre as a Bil Survey on social status and societal The Postcolonial Rewriting of Colonia Identity, Identification and Finding Two versions of Bildungsromane: Jane Rochester and Bertha in "Jane Ey The role of women in Victorian Englan The natural element fire: its symboli The Meaning of Mystery and Suspense i Publish now - it's free.

Excerpt from 13 s.

Married women Rochester

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Concepts of love and marriage in 'Jane Eyre'