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Have you ever wondered why water sticks to Spandex and not Polypropylene? For the real techie explanation read on: When an oxygen atom combines with two hydrogen atoms to produce a molecule of water H20 it pinches the single electrons from each of the hydrogen atoms - a process called After returning from the Tokyo Olympics, placing 6th overall, Argentinian Rooster Ambassador Facundo Olezza Facu has been reflecting on his journey with the Finn class: Since the very end of Rio Olympics my team and I started working straight away to pursue the process of becoming my best possible version I have owned an Aero for 5 years, and in March decided to take advantage of the Boat Show to buy a new boat.

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Whilst setting up the new boat, I took a bunch of photos with the idea of documenting ideas on rigging and setup options. Find a stockist.

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What have Molecular Forces got to do with Water Sports? By Steve Cockerill 30th September By Rooster Ambassador 17th August Aero Upgrade By Mark Riddington. By Rooster Ambassador 3rd August Be the first to get the latest offers, tips, news, blogs and tutorials.

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