Hey where all the white women at

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Thanks for listening to Wellness, Community, Magica podcast with a pro-donut, anti-racist, Glenda-the-good-witch agenda. This episode is all about doing the work, getting out of your echo chamber, and committing to anti-racism. This episode is for everyone, especially if you are looking for more direction in your anti-racism journey. us next week for a delicious episode on peanut butter, pizza, and dogma. The Podcast. The Box Series. Instagram: courtenayrogers. Twitter: courtenayrogers. Chakita Sharnise Patterson. If this does not feel safe for you at this time, please skip the episode and come back to it if and when you're ready.

I had so much work to do on myself and I worked with this therapist who broke me down to my core and helped me build myself back up. The hate and the judgment that I had for myself that would come out towards anyone different than me was not healthy. And I thought to myself, I can not raise a kid like this. Like that's not a great way to raise.

CDR consulting exists to provide underrepresented small business owners with operational tools to scale and succeed. Her biggest inspiration is her [] 13 year old daughter who reminds her that one person truly can make a difference. Courtenay is also a co-founder of Calling All White Women, a grassroots effort to support and elevate black women and their work through recognizing white women's privilege and taking action to build a more inclusive world. So settle in, get cozy and us on our journey to build community and redefine wellness.

Let's get started. Is it just a mean cat pooping outside of his bar? No, it, it was, [] um, I think honestly that it was a Dingleberry. I've got a cat with that problem. Well, I was just like, wow. This is what we're going to do today. All right. Here we are. Unfortunately I have far too many of cat poop stories. There's a lot.

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My cat is getting very old. She's about to turn, well, she's 13 now and she just, her new favorite hobby is to vomit on everything I love. My cat too. So this podcast is about cats, right? Yes, definitely. No, I have, I have an old lady cat who projectile vomited yesterday and I happened to see it. Normally I don't see it. I just find it. And I was like, Whoa, okay, this is fun. It's really, and she doesn't like to, like, she is like twice a day now and usually we catch it. She starts to make this sound. We grab the paper towel and put it under her head and we usually catch it but sometimes we don't.

I think we [] live the same life. I think so. That sounds like a lot. It sounds like me every day. That's funny. I am not a cat person. Cat lovers, don't come from me. Do not come from me. Do you have dogs? I grew up with dogs, but I don't have one, but I feel like this is what I think about cats. I think they're sneaky. I think that any time in life that they will claw your face. You could literally be sitting there loving on them and there'll be like, you have a big gap. Nala doesn't do that to me. Yeah, yeah, no. I have one cat that's awesome. And then one, one cat, that's an asshole.

And then one cat, that's just an old lady. My biggest fear in life is to have to stay with someone who has a whole bunch of cats and I'm scared to go to sleep at night. Like I have dreams about that. So Ashley, do you want to come have a slumber party? Oh, my gosh. That's so funny, but how are you, Courtenay? How are you doing this morning?

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I'm doing well. How are y'all? We're doing well. Yeah, we're just taking it one day at a time. I think we're feeling a little tired today. But first things first, we asked you if you were a donut, what donut would you be and why? And you answered a classic glazed, but warm, simple plus comfortable.

And that spoke to me. It spoke to my soul. Why'd you pick that? Um, I am a pretty basic person. And, [] um, yeah, I don't really like overly fancy. Like if you're going to, like, if you're going to have something and make something, just keep it classic. And so to me, that's just like a classic donut. That's what I think of. That's what I want. There is nothing quite like a fresh, hot classic donut. I'll definitely third that. I will say that we have some classic donuts that have been on our show, our podcast and I'm going to say that speaks to the type of people that we surround ourself with.

Salt of the earth and classy. And grounded. Let's, let's throw in grounded. That's, I was looking for that too so thank you. Liz is always very intrigued. True or False? This should not shock you, Liz. I'm an eight. I'm a hard eight. So of course I know my .

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You know why that doesn't shock me because so many of my favorite people in my life are eights and my mom is an eight, so I'm a, I'm a three. I am very. Attracted to eights, uh, as far as like they are challengers, basically my husband is an eight. A lot of my great friends are either eight or threes. How interesting. So Ashley, what are you?

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I'm a seven. Oh, I don't know a lot of sevens. Well we're actually in the triad. So threes, sevens, and eights usually get [] along really well. Will you talk a little bit about that? So CDR consulting is a really new, I officially launched, uh, August 1st ofwhich feels like yesterday and 5 million years ago, right, at the same time.

I kinda knew who both of y'all were at all of that, but I know our paths crossed there. I left pathway in January of to, um, go work for a tech company. And, um, I had a relationship with this company.

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They recruited me. I was so excited, started in like in February and then Corona happened. They let us all go. And, um, it was shocking. And then of course at that time, this was March. We still didn't know what was happening with COVID and all like, it was at the very beginning, right.

So luckily, um, I did have, because we were let go because of COVID there was a form you filled out and I got unemployment very quickly. And so I did that and I did that for a few months and I spent time with my daughter and my now husband, and just was like, what do I want to do? Like, this is a gut to be wake up, call for me. And I officially launched in August and made a couple of phone calls to people who I knew just through, through my network and who I'd worked with in roles.

Hey where all the white women at

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Blazing Saddles Episode Hey, where are the white women at?