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While plenty of successful relationships begin online, scammers also use online dating sites, apps, and chat rooms to trick you into sending them money. These imposters create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

Some even make wedding plans before disappearing with the money. The first of a scam is an online love interest who asks for money. For Military Consumer Month, share this video to help military consumers steer clear of online romance scams. Do you have pics of this guy, think he may be trying to scam me too.

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Has a multi million dollar contract with Shell Oil yea right. Grandmothers chat line jacksonville florida seem to like using Shell for some reason. Zarao, I think i'm being hit on with this guy. So many similarities but goes by the name of Mac Dieter Neumann. I approached him on Plenty of Fish app. Love bombed me and made lots of references to God and our love. He says hes's a petroleum engineer - independent. Then when i said i couldn't understand him and asked him to text me, he dropped it to needing 7k. He says he is German and has one daughter.

Told me to go off dating app immediately and not to share his story with anyone. His daughter is called Dell. He WAS my dream guy. Told me to plan our wedding and all that was his was mine. I gave him no money and asked him to send me a photo of his passport or drivers and suddenly has gone quiet. He used to send me very long s full of love and devotion, songs and poems every day without fail and again in the evening. I am devastated but at least I avoided being scammed. Photos of him with his parents, his golden retriever dog, his daughter, on a bike etc none of which came up on reverse search.

Please be aware ladies, he is SO convincing and gorgeous. I met a guy on Zoosk, also a rig engineer who is an independent contractor currently under contract with Chevron ased at Aberdeen, Scotland,UK. He has certain similarities with your stories. His name is Richard Jameson. Does it ring a bell? He is very intelligent, has a dog name Max and a grandchild who lives with him Grandmothers chat line jacksonville florida Glendale. His writing style is very poetic, fond of using verses from the Bible. He gave me all of his information including date of birth, favorite color etc. He was asking for my phone and personal information.

He sent me several photos. I suspected he was a scammer. I really don't know but your stories have similarities with this guy. No mention of money yet but in Aberdeen Scotland too, under contract with Chevron. Red flags everywhere. Born in the UK, moved to LA. His wife died of cancer, his son and daughter-in-law were killed in a car crash, so he is raising her with the nanny, while he is on the oil rig.

What tipped me off was too many tragedies. I should have realized something was up sooner, when he started spouting bible passages. I said no, and he got really pushy. Actually ive been using google images. How they are able to do that. Stolen pics but cant find the source via google image. Hi where can we post photos of scammer so everyone will know and aware of it.

I a Can proved that he is a real scammer and bad for him i got best evidence by recording our video call so he cant denied that his pictures was being stolen from social media and someone used it not him am talking.

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I think this rare to recorded clearly the video call showing his face while talking to send him money again. Can someone tell me how to and where to it so he must learn his lesson? What if the pictures dont come back with any profile links or any information o n the internet does that mean they are real?

As you know online dating can be risky and dangerous. Never give into the asking of money on any occasion. Save yourself time and aggravated tension. Be safe. It is so easy to fall into the traps these scammers use! They will tell you just what you want to hear and profess their forever love Remember - these are fake people using fake stories for the sole purpose of separating you from your money.

Don't do it!!! Me too. Don't beat yourself up I'd love to be there when they have to answer to the Big Guy upstairs. My sister is being scammed by a Joshua Williams who claims to be in the military. She sends him 25 dollars a week in iTunes cards for his phone bill!

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We convinced her not to send money and he has her crying all day now! Please help! May I ask where in Florida he says he is from and also what name he is using. I have a guy that I believe is trying to scam me. He even gave me a Florida cell Grandmothers chat line jacksonville florida. Hey I'm being scammed by a chick who says she lives in Florida. Her name is Marieny Diaz. I asked how she says that and she didn't answer. I was also scammed by a man claimed to be from Florida but working in Africa claiming to be a contractor making a large sum of money.

Asking for money for his flight to get home. I have a man who claims to be a doctor working for the US in Syria. Says he needs money until he gets states side His name that he uses is DR. Anybody else been contacted by this guy. He says he owns a home in Jacksonville FL.

That Bryan Walker contacted me about a year ago. I just quit talking to him so nothing ever came about me giving him money. Ho I think my sister is getting scammed by a miller walker I believe shes being scammed but she dont believe me! She has been talking to him for over a year now. I think we have the same guy only he says his name is Dr.

Frank Henderson says he is a doctor in Syria under contract with the UN says he has a daughter who is here in the states living with her teacher and his parents are dead I'll bet we have the same guy I found tons of pictures that match the picture he says is him I really wish we could find out I'd love to catch him.

He found me on Facebook said though a friend of mine which had just died he did do some homework. In Syria. Young daughter, boarding school head teacher taking care of her, really?

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Wife died 3 years ago, parents died. From Sweden, works for the US government his a diplomat all money is frozen. Right away wants to use hangouts gov took him off Facebook because of security.

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Then phone calls. Then he went to I had my husband answer the phone. He would not talk with him it finally stopped! What a coward! Trouble was he did know some personal stuff scary guy! Thank you. Hello Jerri. I don't know if my message was sent but if you habe a photo lf this Daniel Anderson i would like to see it as they change their names and the initials are the as mine but with a different last name.

Almost the same age mine is They won't tell you where they live either.

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I don't know how we can get the photo neither how to send Thand you bery much. I have been contacted by a Daniel Anderson about a month ago off Instagram. Can I see a pic of who u have so I can see if it is the same person?

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Goes by W. Wants you to pay money promises to pay back. Omg this is scary i was talking with Daniel Anderson too and he said his wife and children died in a car accident, He told me that he is a marine engineer and that his father died and that he inherited his company in Canada but that he lives in Texas and is aboard a ship. Can I see the picture too? He asked me to send his son a laptop! Told him he was an ass and can explain it to the police! I texted with David Anderson too in springmainly via kik and WhatsApp. He pretended to be from Sweden, working on an offshore oil platform.

He sent me several photos, very well dressed and one - funny as it is - with my name written on a crisps bag. He told me his pregnant wife was killed in an accident and he wanted to start a new life close to where I live.

Grandmothers chat line jacksonville florida

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