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Carolbrass artist Theo Hartman
Meet Theo Hartman, Carolbrass artist
Buy online CarolBrass trumpets
You can buy a trumpet online, but do it right! At CarolShop you buy the best trumpets online!
CarolBrass CFL-6200-GSS-SLB flugelhorn test
Trumpet player Bert Lochs extensively tested the CarolBrass CFL-6200-GSS-SLB flugelhorn
CarolBrass CCR-3880-GSS-SLB Custom cornet review
Classical trumpet player, cornettist and bugle player Theo Hartman plays CarolBrass instruments and discusses his first experiences with his customized CarolBrass CCR-3850-GLS-SLB cornet.
Review CarolBrass CTR-8060H-GLS-S Balanced trumpet
Happy to say that I am now the proud owner of a CarolBrass Balanced trumpet.
Trumpet, valves and maintenance
Valves are the most sensitive part of a trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn. Even though valves require little maintenance, it is important to always keep them in good condition.
Gerald van Dijk about his CarolBrass Dutch Jazz Standard trumpet
Perhaps you'd like to hear my thoughts on the 'CarolBrass Dutch Jazz Standard'. As you were already aware of, I was very satisfied with the ease of playing and the sound in a small setting. The instrument produces a sound that's full of character and one can play it very softly.
Buy a trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, trombone
Of course you can easily purchase a trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, or trombone from one of the many music stores. Usually there are several brands of brass wind instruments available for different prices and the store has plenty of the instruments in stock most of the time. CarolShop however does it differently!
CarolBrass Review Dutch Jazz Smoke
Holding it in your hands it feels like a decent trumpet, quite heavy and it looks as if it will produce a loud sound. And that's correct: simply put, with this trumpet you will enjoy hearing yourself play. From the moment you blow air through the trumpet you can make music from a simple note.
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