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CarolBrass Review Dutch Jazz Smoke

CarolBrass Review Dutch Jazz Smoke

Holding it in your hands it feels like a decent trumpet, quite heavy and it looks as if it will produce a loud sound. And that's correct: simply put, with this trumpet you will enjoy hearing yourself play. From the moment you blow air through the trumpet you can make music from a simple note. In the beginning, it was difficult to keep the tone clear from start to finish, but the longer I played on it, the better I could control the tone.

  I had difficulty keeping the higher notes stable in the beginning. It took more work to sound good in that register. This may also be because I switched from a Yamaha YTR6345G, where creating a tone is easier, but the tone is not as full and jazzy. Now, after a few months of playing, I also have the high register under control and I can keep hold of the fullness of the sound. An additional advantage with this instrument, is that you have to have your breath under control, otherwise you will notice this immediately in the instrument's sound. This hugely encourages you to practice breath control. But, it also explains why the instrument is less suitable for beginners.

The Dutch Smoke Jazz trumpet is especially suitable as a solo instrument for the jazz genre. In ensemble playing it may be a bit unmanageable here and there and has too full a sound to mix well with the other instruments, especially when playing in one section. In that case, I would opt for a trumpet that projects a bit more, although in recent performances I have also played well in horn sections on the Dutch Smoke Jazz trumpet. 

For lead trumpet or the latin genre, in which the higher register is used a lot, I would opt for a trumpet with a slightly sharper sound. In the low register, you can particularly hear a good airflow in the tone. This also makes it necessary to have good breath flow and control, otherwise the tone won't even be produced. 

Finally, this trumpet is a treat to the eye. Because of the sanded finish, coated with varnish, it has a matte, tough yet pure look. A square tuning slide and shiny valve caps included with the instrument are a nice extra (perhaps for Christmas performances).  So far I have used the trumpet mainly for background (jazz) performances, but also as a solo instrument and for a few performances in the horn section. All in all, I would no longer want to be without this trumpet. It took some getting used to, but it definitely has become my new friend.

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