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Buy online CarolBrass trumpets

Buy online CarolBrass trumpets

CarolShop, Harry's CarolBrass custom shop 

A new trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn or trombone is not something you buy on a whim! The purchase of something precious requires careful consideration and making the right choices and decisions. A brass instrument is something you buy to use for many years to come, so it should provide you with optimal musical enjoyment.

That's what has always amazed me as a musician. Brass instruments are pricy and not things that should sell like hot cakes. That's why you see a lot of music shops mostly selling standard models. If you want something different in terms of music or looks, you're often out of luck. Unique models tend to have been in music shops for a long time, having been played extensively or they're gathering dust in the warehouse before they're sold as 'new'.

CarolBrass instruments

CarolBrass delivers top quality brass instruments that can be completely made to your specifications for a fair price. That's why I chose not to join the rush of modern society, and instead work with a little patience. After all, all good things take time! At CarolShop, you decide what your trumpet will look like: materials, bore size, assembly method and finish, everything to your musical wishes!
At CarolShop, you're sure to find that trumpet with the beautiful warm sound or the one with the clear overtones. The jazz monster you've always been looking for or something truly classical. And since there's no substitute for style, you can select the finish that will complete your instrument.

CarolBrass uses the finest materials to very precisely build brass instruments so you can have the trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn or trombone you've always wanted!Naturally, CarolShop also offers standard models. We don't let them gather dust in the warehouse, however; we order them brand new from the factory especially for you. Because of our methods, we might not always be the quickest. After all, CarolBrass custom shops offers quality custom work. 

Buy a trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn or trombone at CarolShop

A little bit of patience is all you need to get a trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn or trombone that's new and exactly as you want it. Worth the wait, wouldn't you say? Please get in touch and ask me your questions, we're sure we will find the right solution for you.

Harry van der Brug

Artist page:Harry's Trompetgedonder

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