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CarolBrass CCR-3880-GSS-SLB Custom cornet review

CarolBrass CCR-3880-GSS-SLB Custom cornet review

Trumpeter Theo Hartman recently bought a customised Carol Brass cornet with a lovely bell with satin finish.

His review was written on the basis of his extensive experience as a musician and after quite some experience playing the new CarolBrass cornet.

In consultation with Harry, we opted for the CCR-3880-GSS-SLB as the basis. This cornet is custom-adapted and built with a gold-brass leadpipe and a 123mm thick bell and thus became a CarolBrass CCR-3880-GSS-SLB cornet. The warm cornet sound is even more explicit thanks to the gold-brass leadpipe and the larger bell.

First, the new cornet gives me great joy and I was inspired to study my old Arban books again. What strikes me most is the light blowing, with a wonderful round and pure tone. The piston valves run smoothly, mutes fit well into the bell and the lovely design is absolutely wonderful. Additionally, Carolbrass offers excellent value for money. From my ambition as a chamber music musician, I'm very pleased with this addition to my instrumentarium. Colleagues in my ensemble praise the sound of the cornet and how it combines excellently with the piano and cello, for instance.

The accompanying Carol Brass mouthpiece immediately produces the warm sound, but after some experimenting I opted for an Alliance 2a cornet mouthpiece.

The CarolBrass CCR-3880-GSS-SLB is offered by importer Harry van der Burg as CarolBrass "Dutch Jazz Standard" but this cornet does well in various musical styles, from jazz combo to brass band.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Harry for thinking about my choice of personal engraving in the bell. This now reads "Feelings", in memory of a loved one.

Theo Hartman

Theo Hartman plays Carolbrass CCR-388-GSS-SLB custom cornet

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