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We are now resuming face-to-face therapy for existing patients across our network of hospitals and wellbeing centres, as well as continuing to offer this remotely for new patients. Remote therapy, along with consultant assessments, can be accessed via our Priory Connect online therapy service and through Skype. Inpatient services are still available across our network of private healthcare hospitals, with flexible options for pre-admission assessments being offered. It can be overwhelming and frustrating when a loved one has depression, especially if you lack the knowledge of how to help them.

However, we understand that the prospect of initiating this dialogue can be daunting, and you may be worried about upsetting your loved one or making them feel even worse.

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People with depression can often feel isolated and find it hard to talk about their depression. Remember, depression is different for everyone and is experienced subjectively. The only thing this is likely to do is make them feel invalidated and misunderstood, which could then lead to a further decline in their mood as well as discouraging them from opening up. Also, try not to take things personally. Your loved one may seem quite apathetic and disinterested, both in what you have to say and in life more generally.

Helping them to open up is the first step on their road to recovery — the key is patience and persistence.

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They may struggle to keep on top of daily chores and responsibilities due to a lack of energy or general interest in day-to-day life. Ask them about the ways in which you can help them and offer suggestions — they may find it useful if you could complete their weekly shop, help them with some laundry or cleaning, or even help them to cook a few healthy meals.

Buy them their favourite magazine, surprise them with flowers, pick up the phone to tell them you love them, or just sit with them in silence — it can all really help. Depression is treatable, and this is a key message to try and reinforce to your loved one.

This means that they are able to broaden their network of support and lean on other people for help and advice, as well as you. Get the support you need today by calling us on: or sending an enquiry form online.

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By looking after yourself effectively, you are more likely to have the emotional energy to support your loved one through their difficulties. The more you know about depression, the better you will be able to empathise with your loved one and the more effective you will be in helping them to find the professional care that they need. Aiming to develop a general understanding of the symptoms of depression and what to look out for, can help you to spot the warning s and recognise when your loved one may be experiencing a particularly difficult time.

Some of the most common s and symptoms of depression to look out for include:. This could indicate that your loved one is likely to need professional help sooner rather than later.

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It may be a good idea for you to actively try to keep track of their symptoms — for example, you could keep a mood diary for your loved one and make sure that you make a note of any symptoms or behaviours that worry you. This way, you will be able to track if their symptoms are becoming worse or more frequent.

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For more information on the s and symptoms of depression, please visit our dedicated depression symptoms. If it transpires that your loved one has been experiencing suicidal thoughts, there are a of things you can do:. For professionals looking to make a referral, please. For more information about the mental health services that Priory offer, download our brochure. How to help someone with depression You don't have to struggle with a mental health condition - help is available. Make An Enquiry. How to help someone with depression.

Additional Information.

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Contact Priory Today. Enquire Now. Look after yourself. Coping tips Practice mindfulness as a way of coping with any negative thoughts and feelings that you may be experiencing Engaging in relaxation activities such as reflexology or massage have been found to be effective in helping to release pent-up negative emotions. Take a break make time to do something that rejuvenates you, such as going for a walk or listening to music, can be enormously helpful.

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Learn about depression and its symptoms. For example, you could remove or lock away potential means by which they could end their life e.

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If you think that your loved one is in immediate danger, contact the emergency services on Search by town, region or postcode. Priory Wellbeing Centre Fenchurch Street. Find a Treatment Location. Call our Enquiry Line Depression Information. Download Our Brochure. Get our brochure. Can't find what you're looking for? by phone: or Make An Enquiry.

Conv sex chat free Southampton

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Conv sex chat free Southampton