Are you a WHITE LADY?

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in. Hey girl! The truth is that a lot of well-meaning white women, even those of us who have B l ackLivesMatter yard s and voted for Obama, traumatize people of color on a daily basis.

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So, if you want to not oppress the people of color in your life and not reinforce historical and institutionalized violence, it will take a lot of work on your part. Part of this work is understanding how racism operates, and how it feels to be a person of color living in a system deed to deny you your humanity.

We are women after all! And though being a white woman in America is very different from being a woman of color in America, using the lens of sexism and patriarchy can be helpful in beginning to comprehend racism and white supremacy.

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Throughout the course of our lives, most women have experienced feeling less than, othered, and discriminated against at least once on the basis of our sex or gender. Maybe sexism to you is wanting to pursue a career in social work, because you want to help people, yet knowing that choice would reinforce norms of women as caretakers. Anxiety-producing, back and forth obsessing, double standards, lose-lose sexism. Well, racism operates in a similar, all-consuming, crazy-making way. The complexities and struggles you feel as a white woman in the patriarchy offer a glimpse into the complexities and struggles people of color, and particularly, women of color, feel under white supremacy.

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Patriarchy represents a system that values competition, aggression, ie. Similarly, hating on white supremacy does not target white people, but criticizes a system that disproportionately values exploitation, elite institutions, ie. As white women, there are SO many parallels we can draw between living under patriarchy as a woman and living under white supremacy as a person of color that can help us increase our empathy and be better allies.

Imagine if it happened times, and how justifiably enraged you be. Well imagine how a person of color feels when you say something racist, they call you out, you get defensive or start crying, and the person of color ends up comforting you. Being questioned by those who hold power on the theory and lived experiences that root your perspective is painful and burdensome. Similarly, a person of color may justifiably hate it when white people try to explain away police brutality, or when white people talk over people of color, or when white people say they want equity but constantly tokenize their friends of color.

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Though these analogies are imperfect, I think they can be helpful. Defend all men or shut up and listen? For my white ladies, we can be the feminist men we always dreamed of. Through listening, stepping back, supporting people of color with words and with resources! Get started. Open in app. Sippin the EquiTEA. in Get started. Get started Open in app.

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Are you a WHITE LADY?

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